Hi There!

A relative once described us as a couple of “tech hippies” – I guess we might be.

One of us works in the software industry, and I’m a self employed fine art printer. We both tend to geek out on things we get involved with and this adventure is no exception.

This is all aboutNJP_0360

  • Enjoying good honest food
  • Going back to basics, with the help of technology
  • Learning to cook well with the simplest of ingredients,
  •  Seasonality in the modern world
  • Growing our own food

 We’ll happily apply all the technology we can to try and produce and cook decent food for ourselves and others. Where we can’t we’ll source or swap everything else locally and from people who believe in similar ideals to ourselves.

I hope you join a couple of tech hippies on their 21st Century food production adventure.

“Inbetween the Goods and the people who rampage from shopping mall to ready meal in a monster 4×4 is the 21st century smallholder”

From  21st Century Smallholder by Paul Waddington

Why Not Just Pots? If you follow our journey you will see that we throw convention to the wind at times. Pots are not necessary for cooking or planting there are other options!IMG_8149